Universal Energy TV (UETV)

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Please note that the time of the meditation in Australia is always at 9:00pm Melbourne local time. For the local time in any location, please check on www.timeanddate.com

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Daily Global Meditation with the purpose to send Love and Compassion to Mother Earth and all Humankind.
Everybody is welcome to join this Meditation, from all countries.

Please be aware that Lady Theresa is always meditating at the designated time together with many UE students all around the world.

Please connect 10 min before the local time shown below in order to listen to the introductory message to the meditation by Lady Theresa, either live or through a recorded message.

For the updated local time in your area, please check on It is Melbourne time. Please check your local time: clik here

You can download pdf files with most updated Big Antennas from here